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    "Our mission is to encourage and foster Peer to Peer mentoring and by doing so, improve education, vocational and employment opportunities."   “I would like to say how grateful I am to have such a street-wise considerate man helping me and more importantly understanding where I am coming from, how it affects me and fighting my corner. He gives me strength when I have no reserves to call upon”
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on 01865 598180" 

  “After establishing a trusting rapport my mentee has now agreed to attend one to one sessions with me on the Toe by Toe phonic reading programme. This reading programme will enable him to continue with his own job searches and to make much better use of the internet.”  


“I was introduced to Karyn at the end of October and her local knowledge and connections with training providers was evident throughout the conversation. Karyn was very positive about the project I am coordinating and could also see my challenges, particularly working from a distance. Within days of me introducing someone who is working through our process, in need of specific training, Karyn had linked her up with the providers and she had signed up. The feedback I received was how Karyn was really helpful, listened and got everything moving very quickly. Exactly what I had hoped for. Thank you Karyn for every bit of direction and support.
Anita Wingad Community Catalysts CIC."

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