LOOK - Buck Project Training Courses!

Our courses are FREE for all registered unemployed and people on a low income.
Interview Skills, Time Management, Personal Budgeting etc. These are the skills that you need!
See our courses page here for details and booking.

    "Our mission is to encourage and foster Peer to Peer mentoring and by doing so, improve education, vocational and employment opportunities."   “I would like to say how grateful I am to have such a street-wise considerate man helping me and more importantly understanding where I am coming from, how it affects me and fighting my corner. He gives me strength when I have no reserves to call upon”
    "We're just

a call away!

Please call us

on 01865 598180" 

  “After establishing a trusting rapport my mentee has now agreed to attend one to one sessions with me on the Toe by Toe phonic reading programme. This reading programme will enable him to continue with his own job searches and to make much better use of the internet.”  

Financially supported in 2012 by
The Allen Lane Foundation.
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