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This is a recording of a BBC Radio Berkshire broadcast of an interview with Carmela and Tim from the Buck Project.

“No job, under threat of homelessness and on my knees after a family tragedy and aftermath”.

When Andrew was first referred to us, he was at a low point in his life.

He has told us that his Mentor, Sarah, gradually helped him see the light with constant contact to help him know that he wasn’t alone. We supported Andrew’s mental state of mind and provided practical help and support to enable and empower him to start his life over again.


 “If I ever had the chance to fund the work she and The Buck Project do, I would not even hesitate to do so”.


Hannah is a single mum who found the lockdowns very difficult.

She had been furloughed and then made redundant.

Trying to cope with home schooling her son and feeling totally isolated she turned to drinking alcohol to block her feelings at night. Hannah needed a lot of emotional support from her Mentor and when she finally admitted she had a drinking problem, her Mentor supported her through the difficult time of her rehabilitation. She did not require a formal intervention in the end as the support and experience of her Mentor suffering the same issue in the past helped her through. Together they looked at career options, updated her CV and refreshed her interview skills. Hannah is now feeling much more confident and life is slowly returning to some form of normality. She is now working at a bakery as a pastry chef. She recently got engaged and plans to get married next year.


Chris wanted to thank us for our support - he was struggling with long-term unemployment.

He said “I am happy to report that I’ve been working at a children’s charity for three years now; initially doing fundraising, but recently I’ve been moved to the marketing and communications department.”


“Three years employed, thank you!”


When Chris first came to The Buck Project he wasn’t sure if he would ever work again.

He tells us that now he gets to be one of those people who goes on endlessly about how much he loves his job.


Fiona was referred to The Buck Project by her JCP Work Coach – there were multiple complex issues.

Our Mentor supported Fiona with her mental health, death of her mum and ongoing housing issues.

She had been living in a very damp environment with no heating or hot water for a long time to the point where the electricity company were going to evict her from the property as it was too dangerous to live in. Her son left home as he was unable to cope.

Fiona’s Mentor provided the support she needed.

Finally the landlord has agreed to do all of the repairs. Her Mentor also helped her secure a role as a support worker with Macintyre Charity.


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