Our People
Key Personnel

Sarah – Project Mentor (The Farmer)

– happy ploughing through the paperwork.

Heather – Project Mentor (The Listener)

– offering practical support.

Peter – Project Mentor (The Sergeant)

– Bringing order to particpant's lives.

The Team of Mentors (The Shepherds)

- looking after the flock

The Team of Volunteers (The Ambassadors)

- supporting the shepherds with their flock

Karyn – CEO and Founder (The Motivator)

– keeps the team focussed

Tim – Project Consultant (The Fixer)

– looks after our strategic partners.

Office Admin (The Helper)

- keeps an eye on the office.

Bill – Company Secretary (The Geek)

– makes IT work for us.

Financially supported in 2012 by
The Allen Lane Foundation.
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