DWP - 'Want to Work'

Customers who would benefit from additional support.

We currentlly deliver DWP programmes using Peer Mentors to work with people who have substantial issues and challenges to overcome.

The programmes are driven locally by our Peer Mentors who have overcome similar issues. They are aware of the difficulties and obstacles others face. Our network of Peer Mentors (Full-Time, Part-Time and Volunteers) demonstrate the key skills and attitudes required for helping others. They are fully trained and have experienced the mentoring process themselves.

Mentors and mentees work through a Personal Development Plan (PDP) and our experienced team of researchers provide the information necessary for the mentee to succeed.

We offer “support for life”. We work proactively with our Mentees until they are ready to “let go” and thereafter we offer reactive support.

We work with local organisations to form partnerships so that all of our clients are aware of the help available to them.

The Buck Project has considerable expertise in developing strong connections with businesses and an understanding of the best approach to establishing relationships built on trust in order to create a local opportunities network for the customer cohort. Buck Project key team members have many years experience working in business networks and with Chambers of Commerce to make successful and lasting connections with businesses able to offer work placements and jobs.

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