Our current projects include the following courses:

 • Interview Skills

 • Creating a CV and Cover Letter

 • Personal Budgeting Skills

 • Time Management

 • Communication Skills

 • Coping with Change

 • Getting Ready for Employment

 • Building a Confident Family

 • Interpersonal Skills

 • Learning to Read (Adults)

 If you would like to take part in these courses please contact us.

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This is what our attendees say:-

‘Today I finished the interpersonal skills 4 day course run by the Buck Project in Didcot. Although I had covered most of this in my peer support training at Turning Point, I did find the course helpful. It was a relaxed and friendly environment and the programme was simple and easy to follow.

I have developed a moving forward plan with help from Sarah Curtis. She has said she will help and signed me up for more courses and is going to provide information on volunteering at the Buck Project which I am happy with. She has offered one-to-one support as well.

I would recommend anyone to try these courses. Even if the content is basic it is an opportunity to network and it helps with direction towards employment.’


‘Hi Robyn, these are my thoughts on the interview training course. I felt that a lot of the advice given on what to do during the interview I was doing naturally, but it was helpful to have it broken down and analysed.

I found advice about what to do outside of the interview much more helpful, especially the sorts of things to research. I also found it helpful to meet and listen to other people in similar situations to myself, because I feel like it can get a bit lonely sat at home by myself looking for a job all day. It was nice to see that I am not the only one.’

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