Peer Mentoring Projects

We started delivering peer mentoring projects more than 10 years ago to a number of organisations within the public sector. Due to the success of our peer mentoring projects we have further focused our delivery through the development of projects within a number of SME and Larger Organisations, along with the development of peer mentoring programmes in a small number of prisons.

All of our projects are tailored and built on our standard ethos using experienced peer mentors. All mentors are selected because they have faced the issues that the mentee faces and can use their experience and empathy to support them with moving their life forward. All of our mentors have been through our mentoring programme and present themselves as role models and want to use this positive experience to help influence and support others that find themselves in a similar position.

All our mentors are supported by our head office research team who assist in researching specific areas of the mentee's life, such as employment, education, funding, housing, specialist support and available opportunities, to name but a few. This process culminates in a tailored individual progression plan being prepared for each mentee.

The mentor and mentee then sit down and discuss the options available, with the mentor acting as a responsible advocate, guide and motivator to the mentee. Between them, the mentee will develop the confidence and positive attitude to put the plan into action and work towards achieving their goals.

Tailored peer mentoring projects include people with:

drug or alcohol issues ..........  health issues ......  debt ..... a history of long-term unemployment ....  learning difficulties ....  mental health conditions ....  personal crises .....  criminal records.

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