When I met Terry some months ago, he had severe anxiety and issues concerning his family and was homeless.

Terry never showed any emotion at first, his family never spoke to him and he was probably one of the most unhappy people I have seen in this job. Terry was a man from the midlands who had completely lost his way in life. He would turn up to sessions sweating with anxiety and his life revolved around him doing nothing more than taking his medication and arguing with his family, who he had now separated from.

Terry became reliant on me and wanted to see me nearly 4 times a week, to which I obliged. For the first 3 months it was nearly always the same pattern, he came to each session and left the session with more issues than he started off with. By month 4 or 5 Terry started to change dramatically for the better. He went to see his psychiatrist and said to me “You are actually more understanding of my problems and help me more than the psychiatrist”. And with that he smiled and we had a good laugh, something Terry had never shown to me before.

Every session after that had much more direction and purpose to it. Terry was happy and was showing amazing strength and character and it just got better. He got in contact with his daughters and has now started taking them out for trips in his car. He now has a partner and we managed to get him a flat of his own and off the streets. Terry has now started voluntary work at a shop, something I never knew he had in him. Terry needed me for everything, but now hardly anything.....his life has completely changed for the better.

What really has struck me about Terry is that he does not need to see me so much anymore, maybe once a week or so and sometimes not even that. I don’t get the phone calls any more asking me to see him, because he was anxious. I don’t see the sweating anymore that he used to have in sessions. In fact Terry has now gone from reliance to independence and having a life that’s fulfilling, bright and happy but most of all he knows I am still here, should he need me again. I like to think I have helped change this man’s life from nothing, to his happiness.

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