A year and a half ago Susan came to see me. She was a single mother living in less than satisfactory conditions with her three children in a single room without hot water or heating. Due to her circumstances, she suffered with low self esteem, panic attacks and depression. Under our mentorship I accompanied her to a meeting with P3 to discuss her housing situation. She was accepted as one of their clients, and we worked together to improve her situation. Throughout this process the one thing that stuck in my mind was that she used the word HOPE in reference to herself and her life:

• I hope that I get better
• I hope I get re-housed
• I hope I can be more confident

With our joint efforts Susan is now re-housed in a lovely two bedroom house, has had counselling for her depression and anxiety and is now confident enough to hold down a part time job. She also socialises in the community with friends. To me, Susan epitomises what can be achieved when someone has hope that they can improve their life and circumstances, and with our support and mentoring they can achieve their life goals.

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